5D Tools - ARTF2224

Instructor: Cristina Silva


Course Description

This course is an introduction to making websites using HTML and CSS. We will explore the basic concepts, syntax, and application of HTML and CSS and how they work together to create online content.

This class is the Tools component of 5D Fundamentals: Experience and Drawing ARTG-2223. It aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to execute your goals for projects in that course.

You should leave the class with a strong understanding of how to create a basic website with HTML and CSS, the syntax and form of these languages, and how to use online resources to learn more.

What You'll Learn

  • Adding content to a page with HTML
  • Styling content with CSS
  • Using the dev tools to debug
  • Setting up a domain name and hosting
  • How to Google the Right ThingTM

What You'll Need

🤔 Curiosity

The best way to learn web development is through experimentation and asking questions. One of the most important questions to keep asking is "What would happen if I did x?", then doing it and seeing the result. Luckily, the rest of the answers to our questions can be found at good ol' Google.com.

👁️ Organization & an Eye for Detail

Computers are dumb. They will only do what you tell them to do, not what you mean for them to do. Typos, messy folders, and laziness can be the bane of your existence. Pay close attention to your code and follow instructions.

⌛️ Patience

Coding is tricky. You'll probably want to smash your laptop at least once this semester. Resist this temptation. You'll get through it with a little practice and repetition.

💪 Persistence

Not only can coding be a valuable skill to add to your resume, but the ever evolving medium of the web allows us to create interactive, unique and exciting content. If you're up for the challenge, bringing your designs to life is a satisfaction of its own.

Course Expectations

🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♀️ Attendance

Attendance is mandatory for this class. Miss more than three classes, and you will lose a letter grade for each class you miss. If you do need to miss class, it is up to you to find out what you missed during the lesson from myself or your classmates and you are still expected to hand in the homework on time.

💯 Grading

Each homework assignment will be worth between 5 and 15 points. If you come to class, do the assignments and follow instructions, you will pass. If you ask good questions, try to fully learn and understand the content and give a good effort you’ll likely get an A.

Classtime and Assignments

🗒 Handing in Assignments

We'll be using Dropbox to hand in assignments.

Each week, a link to upload your files will be posted to the course website along with the assignment itself. Please make sure you're including ALL files included in your site including images, fonts, etc.

Homework is due before class starts the following week unless otherwise specified. Late submissions will not be accepted, however you will have a chance at the end of the semester to redo assignments for extra credit.

✂️ Materials

The only materials you'll need are a text editor and something to take notes with.Sublime Text and Atom are popular text editors and are free to download. I also recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser for web development.

At some point in the semester, we'll go over web hosting using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and there is a small cost associated with it. A domain name costs about $12 per year and hosting is pay as you use but should be less than $1 per month for our purposes. More details to follow.